Watersprite Lake

A few short years ago, I never would have dared to write about the wonders of Watersprite Lake. It is a place wrapped in magic, and no words I could string together can do justice to this spectacular land where fairies surely flutter. In the age of social media, Watersprite has become legendary, but much like the troll that guards the bridge to the castle, the precarious logging road up to the trailhead deters the masses, ensuring only those prepared brave the journey. Continue reading “Watersprite Lake”


Sea to Summit Trail

The Sea to Summit Trail is a relatively new addition to the Sea to Sky Corridor trail system, and in complete honesty, has always seemed a bit daunting to me. It quickly earned itself a reputation for being a beautiful, yet gruelling trek up to the Lodge at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola. Continue reading “Sea to Summit Trail”


Whistler High Note Trail

The Whistler High Note Trail was certainly a high note of my Summer 2016. One of only a few hikes I’ve done solo, I chose High Note Trail because it is located on Whistler Mountain and I felt safe hiking here on my own. It also promised unparalleled views of Cheakamus Lake.

Continue reading “Whistler High Note Trail”


Sea to Sky by Waterfalls

In April, my friend Claire and her mom Robina visited from Scotland. They stayed at my place for one week, which worked out well because while I was at work, they were able to explore Vancouver with ease. On my first full day with them, we opted to drive up the Sea to Sky Highway, and our tour consisted of stops at three waterfalls – Shannon Falls, Alexander Falls, and Nairn Falls. Continue reading “Sea to Sky by Waterfalls”


Tetrahedron Provincial Park

Given the unusual amount of snow, safe backcountry travel has been somewhat limited this summer. My friend Olivia and I were hiking the BCMC one morning earlier in the month, discussing potential trips that would not be influenced by snow or travel time. I had done a bit of research prior to our conversation, and had happened upon a little-known provincial park on the Sunshine Coast. Looking out at Vancouver from the top of Grouse Mountain, tea in hand, we promised that we’d make the trip happen by the end of the month.

I love reading about different trails and treks, and the more I researched Tetrahedron, the more excited I became. Continue reading “Tetrahedron Provincial Park”


Tenquille Lake

Last summer, I drafted a ‘bucket list’ of hikes and overnighters I wanted to complete. Hearing of my list, a close colleague, Linda, recommended a little-known area in the Pemberton backcountry called Tenquille Lake. I messaged my friend, Nima, who moved to San Francisco a few years ago. “Any chance you are back in town over the long weekend? Crazy idea…want to go backpacking?” Continue reading “Tenquille Lake”


Murrin Loop Trail

Located just south of Squamish, Browning Lake is visible from the Sea to Sky Highway, and is often mistaken for Murrin Lake due to it being within the parametres of Murrin Provincial Park. Despite its small size and proximity to the highway, Browning Lake is increasingly busy, and it can be difficult to find parking on a sunny weekend afternoon. Adding to its popularity are the numerous climbing walls that are accessible along the Murrin Loop Trail.

The Murrin Loop Trail itself is a favourite hike of mine. I like this hike because it has spectacular views, but isn’t at all strenuous. Just as you are starting to work up a sweat, you’ve already reached the top lookout. Continue reading “Murrin Loop Trail”


Elfin Lakes


After a hot yoga class together one July evening, Amanda and I sat together at her kitchen island, enjoying lentil curry and chatting backcountry adventures. We realized we both had the same weekdays off in a couple weeks’ time, and came up with a quick plan to tackle Elfin Lakes as an overnighter. Continue reading “Elfin Lakes”


Mount Seymour First Peak

There are few better ways to spend a Friday night than hiking up a mountain with friends, reaching the peak at dusk with just enough time to set up camp before basking in glow of the campfire… Continue reading “Mount Seymour First Peak”